Dear friends,


PEG is a company whose motivation for continuity lies in its development. Today the company has more of 80 employees, two business units and an extraordinary commitment to innovation, however its soul remains the same as back in 1970, when I founded it with many hopes and dreams, and the same enthusiasm that I have today.

Since then, I can proudly say that PEG has been an “enginereering & contracting” best partner pioneer in innovation in the Oil&Gas and infrastructures field, not just in theory but also in practice, not just in words but with tangible solutions and achievements, which have made the company a point of reference for the sector.

PEG is formed by its employees and the company grows with them, thanks to them. We choose our employees carefully, we scrupulously train them, and they repay us with a quality of work that in turn provides a guarantee of quality to our customers. Their commitment, and therefore our commitment, is a collective value that we put at the service of our customers.

Main PEG scope is our development to ensure our continuity.

Development, because it shows that PEG looks beyond our main field of interest.

Continuity because, after all, “looking beyond” is what we have always done.


The Chairman

Paolo Trocca