Compliance Program for Foreign Subsidiaries

PEG requires its staff and all those who work for it, both in Italy and abroad, to act in compliance with applicable law, both Italian and foreign law, as well as with the principles and rules of corporate governance and the highest standards and best international practices.
Through this Compliance Programme for foreign subsidiary companies, including its foreign branches (hereinafter “CP”), PEG wants to define standard principles of conduct and control to comply with in the performance of all corporate activities and in particular in the processes considered most at risk of committing offences generally applicable in the international community, with the aim of defining a shared and coherent system against possible illegal conduct and aimed at preventing corporate liability, in the countries where it is foreseen.
The law of many foreign countries promotes the adoption of corporate governance tools and risk prevention systems aimed at preventing the commission of offences, in some cases providing for an exemption from or mitigation of the penalties applicable if preventative measures are adopted.
This CP is inspired by the highest international standards, laws and regulations, as well as the “Organisation, management and control model” adopted by PEG in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 which governs entities liability regime in Italy in relation to the commission of offences, on behalf of and in the interests of those entities themselves.
This CP supplements the ethical principles and values contained in the Code of Ethics adopted by the PEG Group, as well as the governance systems and any additional compliance rules and procedures adopted locally by foreign subsidiaries and branches.