Dear friends,


PEG is an international company whose strategy for differentiation has been built on in its long history development and sustainable value.

Today the PEG Group has more than 450 employees with a strong commitment to innovation and digitalization, however its soul remains the same as back in 1970, when it was founded with many hopes and dreams, and the same enthusiasm that I have today.

Since then, we are very proud to say that PEG has been an “Engineering & Contracting” best partner and pioneer of innovation in the Oil & Gas and Power  businesses. We developed an integrated company that offers a wide range of energy products and services to customers.

PEG has grown slowly and steadily during several years thanks to high professional employees. We selected and trained our employees as they are the essential resource to be successful for an engineering & contracting company.

We applied the best project management, modularization, digitalization and innovation approaches to our Customer’  projects.

Nowadays PEG’s path is navigating in the energy transition to a low carbon future to ensure our continuity and sustainability. We are exploring growth options in low-carbon technologies with our thirty years’ experience and innovation capabilities.

PEG is aware that our future will depend on our ability to manage risks and opportunities in the energy sector. We will balance our core hydrocarbon businesses with also diversifying into a range of low carbon technologies to achieve a competitive advantage.

Continuity and speed because, after all, “looking beyond” is what we have always done.

The Chairman

Paolo Trocca