Modello 231

The Legislative Decree 231/2001 (“Decree 231"), has inserted into the Italian legal system the "administrative liability" of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without a legal personality (entities), with regard to the commission of criminal offences by persons acting in their interest or to their advantage.
In accordance with the provisions of the mentioned Legislative Decree 231, the Board of Directors of PEG has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model capable of ensuring the effective and efficient monitoring of the entity's critical processes, capable of preventing offences as per the Decree 231.
PEG has set up an internal control body named “Supervisory Body” (SB) with the task of overseeing the model's operation, effectiveness and observance, as well as providing for its constant updating. The SB of PEG is composed by three external professionals, appointed by the Board of Directors on 31st of March 2014.
To communicate SB any reports of possible violations and/or non-compliance of the Model, or to request for clarification, in respect of doubtful cases, problematic issues and requests for action, in connection with the implementation of the Model, the following dedicated mailbox has been created:   

Here below please find the General Section of 231 Model. 

To request the Special Section of 231 Model please send mail to